The Book of Mormon in London’s West End

The Book of Mormon

Fantastic Production!

With the team behind South Park at the reins I knew this wasn’t going to be an ordinary musical. Needless to say I was not disappointed. The Book of Mormon is definitely a testament to the abilities of the writers to win nine Tony awards in 2011, an accolade that is well deserved! It is worth mentioning at this point,

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Book Of Mormon Title

New Year, time to reflect on the closing of 2012

New Year!

I always enjoy the festive period ever since I was small. I enjoy the downtime between Christmas and the New Year as everyone takes time to rest, unwind and spend time with those they are close with.¬†It is almost time to start gearing up and to get up and running for the New Year and all the new adventures that follow…

This Year as the many before it always has memorable moments,

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Grumpy Cat

Life experience in little steps

Little Steps.

It is fair to say I have learnt a lot since moving in to my own place, starting with simple DIY. Yesterday was another good example, in order to save myself a bit of money down the line (or at least delay spending it) I endeavoured to swap my wheels over to help the tyres wear more evenly.

After speaking to my local “DIY Go To Guy”

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Movember Day 6- The Phantom Moustache


Movember Progress!

In every civilisation progress is always an important aspect. We are now six days in to Movember and my furry face appendage is slowly appearing. At this rate by the end of Movember I may be able to style it to look like some kind of villain from the old westerns! I must apologise however for the terrible star wars reference thrown in there but it had to be done.

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Movember progress day 6

A sad day for Sigma…

“Six Italian scientists and an ex-government official have been sentenced to six years in prison over the 2009 deadly earthquake in L’Aquila.”

It is a very sad day for Science in Italy.

After reading this article by the BBC, I was surprised that people were prosecuted for having inaccurate predictions. I can understand that there was a tragic loss of life by this natural disaster, but to prosecute the seismologists on the grounds of mass manslaughter because of it is absurd.

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I have finally got around to watching Ridley Scott’s latest edition. When I first heard about the film, aside from the trailer I was really sold on the premise that it was a pre-runner to the original Alien film. I have to say it is but it’s not. The link is tenuous at best in the relation to the original film is around the last half an hour of the movie as it hints at the aliens origin.

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Make Tea not War!

I can safely say whatever the day brings tea always makes it better.

On another note check out this band, very talented group of lads. I would say they are definitely worth checking out!

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The Goon needs you!

It’s not every day that an animated film grabs your attention. For the most part its because they tend to be aimed at children.

Armed with the sense of humour you would expect from … and the sense of style you would recognise from the likes of Pixar, The Goon is definitely worth a look!

Currently on Kickstarter, the concepts and trailers already published should give you a good idea of what they are about.

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Apple you sneaky…

It has recently come to my attention that Apple have been very clever with IOS6.

Funnily enough unless I had stumbled upon this article I would never have seen it hidden away in the depths of the menus.

To¬†summarise the link, Apple have changed its stance on targeted advertising after making it difficult for developers to utilise it earlier this year. Since the introduction of IOS6 you now need to opt out of targeted advertising although it wasn’t the easiest thing to find.

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I’m no web developer, however…

Over the last couple of weeks since I have started posting here I have started to learn more and more about the mechanics of a website (especially wordpress!).

Although I have been able to take care of hosting and domain management for a while I have now completed a couple of instances of setting up a couple of websites and also the migration of them!

Hopefully this will grow into more valuable skills in the future and develop my blog alongside it.

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