Pinterest – A new found appreciation.

Late to the Pinterest party

It’s fair to say I’m definitely late to the pinterest party. I have been aware of pinterest for a number of years since it grew in popularity but I never really had much of a reason to look into it until recently. I saw an article (I think it was on LinkedIn but I didn’t think to record it at the time) about social marketing and it mentioned all the usual ones such as twitter but it went on to mention Pinterest and how it can be used to share articles of interest in addition to just media.

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Pinterest Badge Logo

I’m no web developer, however…

Over the last couple of weeks since I have started posting here I have started to learn more and more about the mechanics of a website (especially wordpress!).

Although I have been able to take care of hosting and domain management for a while I have now completed a couple of instances of setting up a couple of websites and also the migration of them!

Hopefully this will grow into more valuable skills in the future and develop my blog alongside it.

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