Adventures in Kerbal Space Program. A new hope…

Just reached 100 hours in my adventures in Kerbal Space Program!

I have just noticed I haven’t written a post since 0.25 was released a couple of weeks ago so this is long overdue.
There are quite a few big changes with 0.25 with the inclusion of the new career mode. The downside to having to watch my budget is trying to make my rockets economical as there have been a couple of occasions where my main rocket/ lander combo costs more than the money I make on the mission.

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Kerbal Space Program my SSTO

Adventures in Kerbal Space Program Part 3

Fly me to the moon

Since my last post on my Kerbal adventures I have started to climb the very steep learning curve that resembles space travel. I eventually managed to design a rocket that was capable of getting into orbit only to run out fuel.
At this point I thought trying to perform a spacewalk and attempting to push my little space craft back within the atmosphere but all I managed to achieve was to run out of fuel and have my astronaut and ship floating seperately around kerbal indefinitely.

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Adventures with Kerbal Space Program

Introduction to Kerbal Space Program

This is one of those unusual games are quite unique to themselves. Still in beta and from what I understand is a fair way off completion it is a real gem. It is a space simulator where you are tasked with creating a space program for the planet Kerbal. The game is very well thought out in how it handles the physics of space,

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