Adventures in Kerbal Space Program. A new hope…

Just reached 100 hours in my adventures in Kerbal Space Program!

I have just noticed I haven’t written a post since 0.25 was released a couple of weeks ago so this is long overdue.
There are quite a few big changes with 0.25 with the inclusion of the new career mode. The downside to having to watch my budget is trying to make my rockets economical as there have been a couple of occasions where my main rocket/ lander combo costs more than the money I make on the mission.

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Kerbal Space Program my SSTO

Life experience in little steps

Little Steps.

It is fair to say I have learnt a lot since moving in to my own place, starting with simple DIY. Yesterday was another good example, in order to save myself a bit of money down the line (or at least delay spending it) I endeavoured to swap my wheels over to help the tyres wear more evenly.

After speaking to my local “DIY Go To Guy”

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First Post!

Hello everyone!

After recently flying out into the big wide world i have had my first encounter with DIY. After wrestling the bushes in the garden i turned to the inside and (with help) replaced a light fitting!

I conquered the house, what next?

First the house then the world!

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