The Last of Us review

The Last of Us is nothing short of incredible.


Over the course of a year there are many works of digital media created (such as games, films etc) but one which has really grabbed alot of attention this year is The last of us. It is truely a testament to what can be achieved within the video games industry when they get a strong team behind them.

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Movember Day 6- The Phantom Moustache


Movember Progress!

In every civilisation progress is always an important aspect. We are now six days in to Movember and my furry face appendage is slowly appearing. At this rate by the end of Movember I may be able to style it to look like some kind of villain from the old westerns! I must apologise however for the terrible star wars reference thrown in there but it had to be done.

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Movember progress day 6

Movember Day 1, Off to a clean start



It’s this time of year once again. The UKWSL Mo Bro’s and the Scobi team have once again joined forces for a good cause.

For people who are not familiar with Movember or what it’s about check out this link. In short, where women have the race for life and other charity events to raise awareness for breast cancer etc Movember is about raising awareness for prostate cancer and helping to fund research towards it.

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I have finally got around to watching Ridley Scott’s latest edition. When I first heard about the film, aside from the trailer I was really sold on the premise that it was a pre-runner to the original Alien film. I have to say it is but it’s not. The link is tenuous at best in the relation to the original film is around the last half an hour of the movie as it hints at the aliens origin.

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