If Superpowers were real, God help us!

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Superpowers, Physics and the internet.

As I am sure many people do, email notifications flood in from any and every service/website you have ever signed up to. Whilst checking my emails earlier I saw that my weekly¬† YouTube update had come in usually filled with cat/dog antics and digital art related stuff. Today I noticed a video about whether Elvish, Klingon, Dothraki and Na’vi are real languages and thought it would be interesting to see what it was about and where Tolkien came up with the Elvish based language. I had never heard of Ted-Ed prior to this so I was interested to see what they are about and what other videos they have created. Stumbling from that I found a series of videos based around whether superpowers were real. Naturally, growing up surrounded by many superhero films etc my curiousity was naturally peaked.

If you were as strong as Superman it certainly wouldn’t bode well for anyone you tried to save!

The video itself takes an almost satirical view of the unlikely event that humans had supernatural ability with a few examples of exactly what would happen if superman tried to catch someone falling or if you could fly, just how well? If Physics did come into play with superhuman feats the outcomes might not work as well as Hollywood would want us to believe.


About Ted-Ed

Ted-Ed’s website is definitely an interesting one with alot of “off the wall” videos covering a very wide varitety of subjects from science to social studies in a very interesting and informative way mixing colourful animation with the personality of the narrators. Any teachers out there should definitely want to check out as the site has a wealth of resources that would fit into all forms of subject matter.


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