Our Garden has Secret Squatters

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In the garden!

Since we moved in we have only had to trim the bushes back once but they were starting to get more than a little unruly. Last weekend after a little light persuasion from my “don’t mess with when tired” partner it was time for me to venture out into the garden.
For those that don’t know me that well I’m not one for gardening let alone being safe with sharp objects! Unattended I started happily chopping away at all the plant life cutting a couple of them back a little further than I probably should have. After a couple of hours I downed tools and wandered inside blissfully unaware how close I was to giving a family of birds a haircut with the hedge trimmers.

Skipping forward to this weekend just passed with the weather so pleasant I ended up in the garden once again. Over the course of the day we saw a little bird darting around the garden with insects in its beak. We didn’t think anything of it until we saw it disappear into a plant that has grown up the wall of the house.

When the bird had disappeared from the garden I decided to take a closer look and this is what we found! Even though it makes me feel incredibly old to feel the need to take a photo and blog about it, it had to be done.

In case you haven’t heard, the bird is the word!

Birds nesting in the garden

Mother bird and her chick!

Other Inhabitants

As where we live is quite quiet we do tend to have a few semi-permenant residents. Some of these include a family of robins that regularly dive into the grass as soon as we have finished our handywork and a cat who seems to have started using the garden as a sun lounger.

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