Ershin 3d model Mk2

What is Ershin I hear you ask?

Ershin is a character from the Breath of Fire (IV) franchise of games by Capcom, it is one of the games I remember very well from when I was young. with a cast of diverse and colorful characters and an art style that complimented it nicely, it was a game that never fails to spark a sense of nostalgia for me.

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Ershin concept art by capcom

Blenderella training DVD character modelling

Progress in pictures

Blenderella project basis

Human character modelling is revered as one of the more difficult types of art as it is incredibly difficult to get right. I decided to take up this challenge and have a go at making a semi-realistic (or at least as realistic as I can manage) so I bought myself a few of the Blender foundation training DVD’s etc a while ago. I am finally getting around to working through them,

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Cat Project

Background to Project

I have been requested to create a few images for a friend of her characters so I decided to take this on as my first project to run through the site. I have started by gathering as much information about her characters as possible. at the moment I know that they are for web community she is a part of and both her characters are cats. It is the first request I have received although I have never really contemplated it before I thought it would be a good chance for me to get some practice at digital art as I haven’t had much opportunity as of late to get stuck into it.

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