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Background to Project

I have been requested to create a few images for a friend of her characters so I decided to take this on as my first project to run through the site. I have started by gathering as much information about her characters as possible. at the moment I know that they are for web community she is a part of and both her characters are cats. It is the first request I have received although I have never really contemplated it before I thought it would be a good chance for me to get some practice at digital art as I haven’t had much opportunity as of late to get stuck into it.


An image of her two characters, both are cats and they are father and son. The father is a ghosty ginger tabby with gold eyes (called Burningkit), the son is a “flame point siamese” with blue eyes (called Scorch). For the composition she would like the father to be “stood over the son” and sent me details on their appearance which has been quoted below.

Burning kit is a deep ginger with paler ginger tabby stripes.
He has thick long claws and big golden eyes that glint when he has a diabolical plan.
When the light catches his fur just right it looks like he is aflame, hence his name.
He has stong pearly white teeth that are quite thick.
He is a large tom with thick set shoulders and very thick fur, he always seems to have his winter coat.
He has large ears that fit nicely on his rather big head he has tufts on the tips of his ears this adds to the flame like appearance of burning kit.
He also has large paws and a thick and long tail, he is a shorthaired cat and he always keeps it in tip-top condition.

Scorch is a very handsome flame point.
The flames licking legs, face and tail beautifully, his ears are the most striking for enemies when he flattens them and their true beauty can be appreciated.
His beautiful blue eyes dazzle and capture the hearts of most she-cats that look into them, they seem to be deeper than the ocean, all the mesmerised she-cats swear they can see his soul but only one cat can truly see that.
His beautiful clear sharp claws rarely slip out they are more curved than expected but not at a point, oh no little Scorchy’s claws tear due to how jagged they are, he gets a little kick out of any ugly scar he leaves.
His tail is very slender and perfect it reaches his shoulder like every cat’s should, there are no kinks or imperfections just a wonderful line of fire.

Initial Approach

From first glance I can see a couple of different ways of tackling this, though I think the easiest and most efficient (for changes in composition etc) would be to create models of both cats in blender and texture them appropriately. It will initially be more work but if my friend requires more images down the line then the turnaround should be alot faster.

Steps planned out;

  1. Research into breedsCompleted
  2. Concept sketches and thumbnails- started
  3. Model both cats.- Completed
  4. Rig both models for posing – Tweaking but virtually complete
  5. Texture models and any required tweaking.- completed
  6. Background – Completed
  7. Final cleanup- Just awaiting sign off!

Tools for the Job;

  1. Google! – Naturally a one stop shop for any research and gathering of references
  2. Blender – My preferred 3d modelling package
  3. Image editing program – For altering images etc
  4. Wacom Graphics tablet (used a few over the years but wacom is definitely the best out of all the tablets I have tried) – personal preference as I can sketch straight on to the computer.

Current Progress