Blenderella training DVD character modelling

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Progress in pictures

Blenderella project basis

Human character modelling is revered as one of the more difficult types of art as it is incredibly difficult to get right. I decided to take up this challenge and have a go at making a semi-realistic (or at least as realistic as I can manage) so I bought myself a few of the Blender foundation training DVD’s etc a while ago. I am finally getting around to working through them, starting with Blenderella. I am going to be using this to create a character of my own but following the tutorial to help me build a base mesh with correct topology for me to be able to develop further and use as a base mesh for future work. I don’t have a clear idea at the moment of how the character will look but I am planning on doing a paintover of the render once modelled to help flesh out some ideas.

I think it would also be a safe assumption that this could potentially be NSFW (although I am not modelling intimate areas in any detail I think it would be wise to add a “mature” label anyway). In other words some generic digital lumps may potentially offend, you are warned!!!

About the DVD

Blenderella was created by Angela Guenette & is being sold through the Blender foundation (in addition to other places) to help fund future development & profile of the software. Angela herself is one of the artists behind Sintel (Project Durian open movie project 2010) working as a character modeller during the project.

The Blenderella Training DVD covers only the character modelling process and is considered an intermediate/ advanced training course as it reasonably assumes a certain level of knowledge about the program and its tools to quickly work through modelling a female character and clothing using a poly by poly method.

I bought the Blender Training DVD when it was originally released but for one reason or another I never stuck with it long enough to work through the whole Training DVD. Now I have gained more experience I am much happier working through with a greater ability to follow and understand the methodology behind it. As I work through the materials I will keep updating this to reflect the process of building my own character.