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Late to the Pinterest party

It’s fair to say I’m definitely late to the pinterest party. I have been aware of pinterest for a number of years since it grew in popularity but I never really had much of a reason to look into it until recently. I saw an article (I think it was on LinkedIn but I didn’t think to record it at the time) about social marketing and it mentioned all the usual ones such as twitter but it went on to mention Pinterest and how it can be used to share articles of interest in addition to just media. This got me thinking that it would be a beneficial way of me compiling lists of resources especially when it comes to working on projects. Normally I have been compiling lists of resources I have referenced/ used to I can try and credit everyone appropriately and looking back it was quite an inefficient method.

I have already gone ahead and created a couple of boards now including one for my current project which I have gone to embed on the page so as I gather more resources and references I can just pin them in one place! It has meant I have had to do a little restructuring to how my project pages work but once completed it should look and feel a bit more streamlined. I can see this being a real time saver and I feel a bit daft for not looking into it sooner as I can see pinterest being quite invaluable going forward.

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