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I’m not normally that interested in Blizzard but Overwatch has my interest…

Overwatch Tracer Or more accurately I haven’t since the days of playing Diablo 2 as a kid, though that was a long time ago (physically, not necessarily mentally!). For those of you who haven’t heard about Overwatch it is the latest game Blizzard have been developing and is currently entering the beta stage of development. As a quick overview it is going to be a team based FPS similar in style to the infamous hat simulator that is Team Fortress 2. Even the cartoony art style does remind me of Team Fortress in places although Overwatch does look closer to a Pixar animation.

I’m not going to dwell on the similarities between the two of them

Overwatch Hanzo I have already seen plenty of comments on a variety of sites as to whether the similarities between Overwatch and Team Fortress are positive or whether Blizzard are ripping it off and generally a lot of mixed feedback. Personally I think it will be good to have another FPS to rival Team Fortress but it will inevitably have a hard time taking the crown from it. What I thought was really clever about the trailer is the way they portray the two boys as normal people but in the closing moments where Tracer says “The world could always use more heroes” draws the character (and the audience) into wanting to become a part of this universe they have created. The only real negative I could think of is the voice acting for Tracer. I’m really not sure what it is but her voice just rubs me the wrong way!

What I really like about Overwatch so far…

Overwatch Pharah I am a bit of a geek when it comes to character design and animation, it is something I would love to be able to dedicate a lot of time to. Not only to improve my skills in 3d modelling but to practice/ work on character design in general. Though it is something that takes a lot of effort and practice to really refine.
Looking through the character list I really like the variety of characters they have created and how each of the designs instantly gives a good impression of what the characters are about without being overstated (although some are a little cliche). They are all certainly to a very high standard and are interesting in their own rights and are full of personality (in a similar way as to how pixar’s characters look/ feel). Either way regardless of how people feel about the game in general or Blizzard for that matter, I can see the Overwatch characters becoming iconic in their own right.

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