New Year, time to reflect on the closing of 2012

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Grumpy Cat

New Year!

I always enjoy the festive period ever since I was small. I enjoy the downtime between Christmas and the New Year as everyone takes time to rest, unwind and spend time with those they are close with. It is almost time to start gearing up and to get up and running for the New Year and all the new adventures that follow…

This Year as the many before it always has memorable moments, some good some bad but going back I wouldn’t change them as every step you make imprints on who you are. Some people will become a bigger part in your life and some a smaller part  but none should be forgotten as they have helped you become the person you are today.

I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year whatever you get up to and I will take a few moments to look back over the course of the year…

Memorable moments

Some of the most memorable moments of this year for me were;

  • Getting my first car! although I had another car I could drive it was never mine so it was really big for me to go out and buy my own!
  • Seeing Blink 182 and All American Rejects with my better half, Matt and my brother Dave!
  • Moving into our first home! it was a long time in the planning but it has definitely been worth all the work to get where we are today and I want to say thank you to everyone who has helped us out along the way.
  • The nights out with the people from work. There have been a couple over the course of the year but I remember the night with the “Carlton” dancing the best.
  • My Uncles wedding! It is always rare for that side of my family to get together but its always nice to catch up with them.
  • The first Christmas in our new home. Even though as busy and as mad as it is.
  • Surviving the Mayan Apocalypse! (Joking, there was far too much attention on something that was unlikely at best)
  • I started this blog (although still unfinished) through work…

New Years Resolution?

Will I make one this year? No, If I was going to keep to it I would have done it without the need for a resolution.



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