New Project in the works after a long hiatus!

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Finding time and mojo

I have finally found some time and motivation to get stuck into blender again after taking a break from it for a while (mainly from having to be an adult). It feels really good to get the imagination going once again as unfortunately I find it gets stunted whilst I’m at work, mainly from having to work through problems logically. I will start updating my projects page again soon with screenshots etc to do with it.
It will be fan-art of a game from my childhood and it is actually a revisit to a project I originally did a few years ago however between re-installing Windows and failed hard drives I can no longer find it. One of the main reasons for re-igniting my imagination is the re-introduction to music into everyday life. It wasn’t something I had given a lot of thought to up until recently when I heard music from days gone past on the radio and it sparked up a sense of nostalgia.
I am slowly gearing up to finish up the website at some point as well, though I like the new structure I can’t get away from it all feeling a little too flat but I haven’t been able to pin down as of yet as to why.

Either way, watch this space!

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