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When you are in secondary school they make a big point of building you up to start work so you can spend the following 50 years or so earning enough money to fuel your ambitions. They always fill you full of dreams of being astronauts, scientists, pilots etc. but they never mentioned the road to the top is rarely glamorous!

I started my working life at the world famous Macdonalds!

Starting on £4.10 (at 16 this was better than alot of others), working part time around college. Needless to say between that and college it occupied alot of my time but it helped fuel my lifestyle at college and gave me a sense of pride of knowing I had earned it.

I generally worked anywhere in the store. On occassions outside taking orders during the summer storms where you would be soaked to your skin, the cold winters working till you could no longer feel your nose, and the kitchen during the height of summer where going in the freezer was the only respite from the intensity of the heat. The work was never the cleanest or glamorous. You would regularly go home in dire need of a shower so you didn't feel like you had been greased up to the point you would be watertight. The second you walked through the kitchen its almost as if you have been covered in a film which seeped through your nose so you could smell nothing but fried chicken and cooked meat for days.

Like alot of people who started out there I only really intended to be there whilst I was at college. However I ended up staying for another three years just because I was of the mind "better the devil you know" no matter how bad it felt.

I do however think that everyone should have a job in an establishment such as that at some point in their lives. It certainly helped me appreciate the value of a hard days work which is always a good quality to instill into the youth of today.

With all the bad points about the job the people I worked with made up for anything else and always made the days interesting to say the least…

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