My Blog, time to get a wriggle on….

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My blog and my procrastination….


Unfortunately no matter how much free time I have I seem to have a remarkable talent with filling it with everything but what I aim to get done with my blog. I set up my blog in October last year and even now I havent actually finished the design. I have however managed to start adding projects as I progress through them and managed to think of enough random stuff to set the “about me page” to not be a blank canvas.

Every time I sit down to figure out what I want the site to look like I get distracted. Last time it was with imaginary buttons I could put on the site that was still currently imaginary and may or may not look odd depending on the design and colour scheme… I think its time to get back to square one.

Its amazing some of the random stuff out on the internet that can take a fairly productive day and push it off a cliff and it doesnt get much more random than these:

There goes another evening wasted…

Robot Chicken


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