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Witcher 3 - In Velen after story completion

The Witcher 3 was enjoyable on all accounts

It has taken me an undocumented amount of hours (don’t have the steam version so I’m not sure exactly how many) over a seven week period but I have finally completed The Witcher 3! Towards the end of the story I ignored the side-quests as I was drawn into the story. Needless to say I wanted to find how the Witcher 3 closes the final chapters in Geralt’s story.
I think I probably could have spent many more hours going through all the side-quests and eventually visiting every town/ location in game as well but I achieved as much as my concentration permitted. I died countless deaths at the hands of countless monsters, some of which from being ignorant of what creature I was fighting, other times being ill-prepared/ outnumbered but the brave Geralt plodded on directed by my idiocy.
One thing I didn’t enjoy as much as it’s predecessor was the lack of traps you can use to hunt monsters/ people. I laid many a bear trap in the previous game so was naturally disappointed by being unable to do that again. They did remove a couple of the minigames from the previous game and replaced it with Gwent (a card game of sorts) however which has served as a fun distraction from killing things.

Closing chapters of the story

Without going into any details that could spoil the game for anyone who hasn’t already finished the story it doesn’t end how I thought it would which I personally think is both good and bad. I personally would have liked to have had more definite closure on Geralt’s story but depending on how you play the game the story runs to a head with Ciri’s fate in the balance which suggests that if CD Projekt Red make any more Witcher games that it would have to either be set earlier in the timeline or based around a different school of Witchers. I would be interested if they did decide to make another in the franchise though I think they would have a hard time replacing Geralt as the protagonist.

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