Movember Day 1, Off to a clean start

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Movember progress update

chris chaney’s movember update, day 1- off to a clean start



It’s this time of year once again. The UKWSL Mo Bro’s and the Scobi team have once again joined forces for a good cause.

For people who are not familiar with Movember or what it’s about check out this link. In short, where women have the race for life and other charity events to raise awareness for breast cancer etc Movember is about raising awareness for prostate cancer and helping to fund research towards it.

This is paired with a comical idea that all us blokes should grow dodgy moustaches in order to encourage people to raise awareness and encourage people to donate to a very worthy cause.



If anyone is feeling generous and would like to donate please check out my Mo Space for details. I don’t mind if you donate to me directly or to our team as it is all appreciated for a very good cause!



If anyone saw my pitiful attempt last year it was pitiful to say the least. Hopefully with me being that much older and more experienced I will have better luck this year.

I will be updating this every couple of days throughout Movember so feel free to check in to see how my fuzzy face appendage is coming along 😉