Life isn’t always easy, but is always worth living.

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Slowed progress on the site

Unfortunately life has been keeping me too busy again to find time to dedicate to doing more work on the website. The ironic thing is my work life has been more focused on web development for the last couple of months than it has been for a while. Currently I’m working on three different sites (with a fourth that needs starting soon) in addition to my usual support work. The biggest plus to all of this is I have had to start dabbling/ learning PHP in order to achieve some of the things I want to for these various websites and it is always nice to excercise the old grey matter from time to time.

Disruptions in my personal life

Life is a bit rubbish sometimes and you are left feeling like you have been dealt a bad hand but how you handle you handle adversities defines who you are.
I’m not going into any details on here about it but unfortunately I have a lot of things currently going off, none of which are particularly good news. This has curbed my enthusiasm at the moment as I don’t particularly enjoy uncertainty but hopefully I will happier tidings in the future. In the meantime I am continuining to work on my projects although again at a much slower place. On a happier note however working on all the other websites at the moment has given me a number of additional ideas I could impliment on here in the future. Otherwise I am still updating the site as regularly as I can find time to.

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