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Little Steps.

It is fair to say I have learnt a lot since moving in to my own place, starting with simple DIY. Yesterday was another good example, in order to save myself a bit of money down the line (or at least delay spending it) I endeavoured to swap my wheels over to help the tyres wear more evenly.

After speaking to my local “DIY Go To Guy” (my Dad) I thought it would be worthwhile me learning how and it definitely turned out to be an experience.
With that in mind we set to work!

The Objective

Our mission now that I had chosen to accept it, was to change the wheels without any mishap to the car. From everything I was told it should have only taken 15-20 minutes.
I am pleased to say we did it, although things are never as straight forward as I would have liked.

The Experience.

The only hiccup was getting off the passenger’s side rear wheel. After removing the front one we set to work removing the nuts. It came to the crunch time when I went to lift the wheel out and nothing happened.
When I say nothing happened it wasn’t through lack of effort I assure you. To passers-by, we would have looked like neanderthals jumping up and down and hitting the wheel in a very primitive fashion.
After around then minutes of this we decided to retreat to do a bit of background work, just in case there was something we had missed.
Unfortunately there wasn’t a lot of information about this problem but we did stumble across a video that referenced the wheel and the drum becoming fixed together down to a build up from the brakes. The video is >>here<< although I wouldn’t necessarily follow the final point as I can imagine dangerous doesn’t cover it.
With that in mind we set back to work with the universal wonder that is WD40 and like Gordan Freeman (albeit after a few too many cakes), a crowbar.
After a lot of effort and a bit of WD to break the seal that had formed the wheel was eventually frog marched to its new home.

Gordon Freeman

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