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The Clocks a Tickin’…

It has been a few months since my last post and being so busy has left me feeling that my site has been a little neglected. Between one thing and another I haven’t had a great deal of time to sit down and accomplish much of anything but it has certainly been a busy few months.

There has been weddings, a fair amount of travelling, long weeks at work but the most noteworthy of all that has happened is the birth of my daughter.
It is surprising quite how quickly time has passed since my last post as it has already been seven weeks since Evelyn came into the world and almost eleven weeks since Christmas! I won’t be getting into settling into parenthood in this post but it is something I am aiming to cover in the near future.

Whilst at work I have had the opportunity to work on quite a wide variety of IT related equipment over the last few months such as several different types of servers, Rasperry Pi’s, Surface Tablets as well as the usual laptops and desktops. I have taken the opportunity to set up two servers running Centos (Linux) and have been fixing issues on a couple of Windows servers also which has been a nice break from the usual work that I do fixing desktops and laptops. There is still obviously a great deal to learn as with technology in general, it grows and changes at such a pace that there is normally something new on the horizon. The downside is that I have spent a fair amount of my free time looking into the various issues to help make the most of my time in the office.

There is quite a lot I want to get done in the free time that I have nowadays. I am looking forward to getting back into creating more projects within Blender in the near future as well as eventually getting to grips with some of the newer features in the latest versions (Blender 2.7 is near official release). I also haven’t forgotten about wanting to redesign the site at some point in the coming months (hopefully sooner rather than later). I already have some rough ideas in mind for both of these but I will reveal/ update here as and when I get something solid. I really want to get chance to sit and watch Game of Thrones at some point. The fourth season is due to start soon so it may take a while to watch the first three seasons as it is.

Nevertheless as soon as I have some more free time I will be adding some more posts as there is still much to write about.

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