Gorrilas in the mist

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*Cue the David Attenborough voice over*

Where I come from is a typical semi urban jungle. With a mixture of medieval ruins and modern building the indigenous population often venture into the old ruins during the twighlight hours. There you can watch them in their native habitats whilst they speak their native tongue amongst peers.

As they have their fill from the local watering hole you can see the mating rituals become even larger than life as the night goes on. This can range from the alpha males swaying along pretending to hold a very large box above their heads, to the quieter members of the pack who often frequent the edge of the room ready to pick off the old, weak and lame as the hour gets later.

Outside the watering hole you can slowly see members of the pack foraging for food in the local establishments by communicating in a mixture of slurs, grunts and pointing at objects to communicate what it is that takes their fancy. Once all this fun has been had, the pack slowly disperses the area back to their own abodes to nurse their heads so they can repeat the ritual once again the following night…

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