The Symposium – Plato

I’m sure most people will be familiar with Plato at some point in their lives but for the benefit of those who don’t I will explain briefly. Plato was a philosopher and mathematician in classical Greece and is widely renowned as one of the founding fathers of modern philosophy.

“According to Greek mythology, humans were originally created with four arms, four legs and a head with two faces. Fearing their power,

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Pinterest – A new found appreciation.

Late to the Pinterest party

It’s fair to say I’m definitely late to the pinterest party. I have been aware of pinterest for a number of years since it grew in popularity but I never really had much of a reason to look into it until recently. I saw an article (I think it was on LinkedIn but I didn’t think to record it at the time) about social marketing and it mentioned all the usual ones such as twitter but it went on to mention Pinterest and how it can be used to share articles of interest in addition to just media.

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Pinterest Badge Logo

New Project in the works after a long hiatus!

Finding time and mojo

I have finally found some time and motivation to get stuck into blender again after taking a break from it for a while (mainly from having to be an adult). It feels really good to get the imagination going once again as unfortunately I find it gets stunted whilst I’m at work, mainly from having to work through problems logically. I will start updating my projects page again soon with screenshots etc to do with it.

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Fatherhood: Entering the new realm!

All throughout our lives there will be points that help shape our lives and define who we are. Entering Fatherhood is one of those moments (as cheesy as that is).

There are several milestones that change your world in so many ways. Events like leaving school and finally becoming part of the adult world, gaining your own independence by learning to drive and getting your first job and becoming a parent are the most prominent in my mind.

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It has been a while…

The Clocks a Tickin’…

It has been a few months since my last post and being so busy has left me feeling that my site has been a little neglected. Between one thing and another I haven’t had a great deal of time to sit down and accomplish much of anything but it has certainly been a busy few months.

There has been weddings, a fair amount of travelling, long weeks at work but the most noteworthy of all that has happened is the birth of my daughter.

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If Superpowers were real, God help us!

Superpowers, Physics and the internet.

As I am sure many people do, email notifications flood in from any and every service/website you have ever signed up to. Whilst checking my emails earlier I saw that my weekly  YouTube update had come in usually filled with cat/dog antics and digital art related stuff. Today I noticed a video about whether Elvish, Klingon, Dothraki and Na’vi are real languages and thought it would be interesting to see what it was about and where Tolkien came up with the Elvish based language.

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Our Garden has Secret Squatters

In the garden!

Since we moved in we have only had to trim the bushes back once but they were starting to get more than a little unruly. Last weekend after a little light persuasion from my “don’t mess with when tired” partner it was time for me to venture out into the garden.
For those that don’t know me that well I’m not one for gardening let alone being safe with sharp objects!

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