On the move

If I could visit any place in the world (obviously with nothing to get in the way) I would have to choose Japan!

I would be less interested in the cities mind but I would love to visit the old temples and ruins in the countryside as they have an almost mystical air about them.

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In a rut

If I cook for myself I regularly fall into a habit of cheese/ham/cheese and ham sandwiches or something and a potato based side. Thankfully I have my better half who is a wonderful cook and conveniently doesnt really like chips etc!

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Gorrilas in the mist

*Cue the David Attenborough voice over*

Where I come from is a typical semi urban jungle. With a mixture of medieval ruins and modern building the indigenous population often venture into the old ruins during the twighlight hours. There you can watch them in their native habitats whilst they speak their native tongue amongst peers.

As they have their fill from the local watering hole you can see the mating rituals become even larger than life as the night goes on.

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Altruistic wishes

I’m not going to lie and say world peace or unlimited food etc as it wouldn’t last and no doubt would bring its own problems…

1. Give everyone when born memories of both good and bad so as they grow up they have a greater respect of whats around them.
2. Give everyone a decent education, and keep them there until they achieve a reasonable level to see them through the rest of their lives.

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