Movember! 1st week down…

…And roughly four more to go!

it has been a very busy week in the office so I havent had as much time to update this as frequently as I would have liked but here is a rundown of the updates for this week! I’m not a photographer by any standard so all the pictures have been taken on my phone hence the quality isn’t fantastic but it should give you an idea how ridiculous I look with a moustache!

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Nearly that time of year once again….

…. and no I don’t mean Christmas, Movember is almost upon us!

It has almost rolled around once again and the team are gearing up into taking part in movember once again. If you are unfamilliar as to what Movember is all about check out the website here and check out what projects they support with the money raised here. Needless to say its a worthwhile charity helping to fund various cancer research charities and supporting people affected.

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If Superpowers were real, God help us!

Superpowers, Physics and the internet.

As I am sure many people do, email notifications flood in from any and every service/website you have ever signed up to. Whilst checking my emails earlier I saw that my weekly  YouTube update had come in usually filled with cat/dog antics and digital art related stuff. Today I noticed a video about whether Elvish, Klingon, Dothraki and Na’vi are real languages and thought it would be interesting to see what it was about and where Tolkien came up with the Elvish based language.

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Blenderella Project now complete!

At Long Last…

After working on this project on and off for a few months now I have finally reached a stage at which I am happy to put it down and call it complete. It is certainly by no means perfect but it will stand as an exercise in character modelling. It has certainly helped me learn quite a bit more about Blender and how best to approach my workflow with it in future.

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The Last of Us review

The Last of Us is nothing short of incredible.


Over the course of a year there are many works of digital media created (such as games, films etc) but one which has really grabbed alot of attention this year is The last of us. It is truely a testament to what can be achieved within the video games industry when they get a strong team behind them.

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Our Garden has Secret Squatters

In the garden!

Since we moved in we have only had to trim the bushes back once but they were starting to get more than a little unruly. Last weekend after a little light persuasion from my “don’t mess with when tired” partner it was time for me to venture out into the garden.
For those that don’t know me that well I’m not one for gardening let alone being safe with sharp objects!

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My Blog, time to get a wriggle on….

My blog and my procrastination….

Unfortunately no matter how much free time I have I seem to have a remarkable talent with filling it with everything but what I aim to get done with my blog. I set up my blog in October last year and even now I havent actually finished the design. I have however managed to start adding projects as I progress through them and managed to think of enough random stuff to set the “about me page”

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On the move

If I could visit any place in the world (obviously with nothing to get in the way) I would have to choose Japan!

I would be less interested in the cities mind but I would love to visit the old temples and ruins in the countryside as they have an almost mystical air about them.

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