Adventures with Kerbal Space Program part 2

Boldly going where no Kerbals have gone before

Continuing from my last post I am still pretty addicted to the space simulator Kerbal Space Program. Over the weekend i tried to make a point of understanding some of the terminology used and some of the basic concepts behind it. A lot of these terms come up right from the start but aren’t explained inside the game itself.

Basic Physics Terms

Some of these may be basic but it was good for me to re-cap them as it has been a long time since I studied physics.

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Adventures with Kerbal Space Program

Introduction to Kerbal Space Program

This is one of those unusual games are quite unique to themselves. Still in beta and from what I understand is a fair way off completion it is a real gem. It is a space simulator where you are tasked with creating a space program for the planet Kerbal. The game is very well thought out in how it handles the physics of space,

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Kerbal Space Program Banner

Updating the website finally

Just a quick post this time as I have finally made a start on redesigning my blog! I am working on building a theme from scratch at the moment to include media queries to make it responsive which will allow it to change slightly to fit the screen you view it on. The site as it is works responsively to a point but I am quite enjoying the challenge of building it from the ground up so it can be exactly as I want it.

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Game of Thrones: Highly Recommended!!

General Synopsis of Game of Thrones

Originally Game of Thrones started out as a series of books by George R R Martin titled Song of Fire and Ice which like The Walking Dead now has a TV series based loosely around the events of the novels.

We are quite late diving into the franchise with it currently about half way through its fourth season. I don’t normally watch a great deal of TV but we have been pretty hooked from the start.

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Fatherhood: Entering the new realm!

All throughout our lives there will be points that help shape our lives and define who we are. Entering Fatherhood is one of those moments (as cheesy as that is).

There are several milestones that change your world in so many ways. Events like leaving school and finally becoming part of the adult world, gaining your own independence by learning to drive and getting your first job and becoming a parent are the most prominent in my mind.

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It has been a while…

The Clocks a Tickin’…

It has been a few months since my last post and being so busy has left me feeling that my site has been a little neglected. Between one thing and another I haven’t had a great deal of time to sit down and accomplish much of anything but it has certainly been a busy few months.

There has been weddings, a fair amount of travelling, long weeks at work but the most noteworthy of all that has happened is the birth of my daughter.

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Movember is finally over!

The moustache is finally off!

After a long month Movember has finally drawn to a close and the last of the donations are coming in. Thank you once again to everyone that has donated no matter whether it was £1 or £20. The money is going on to help fund a number of cancer charities aiding research and supporting those afflicted. If you want to donate there is still time as the Movember site continues to accept donations for a couple more weeks whilst it is wound down for another year.

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Final Week of Movember!

6 Days Left!

It has been a good month but I cannot wave to remove the furry caterpillar that has latched itself onto my face!
One thing I have noticed however over the last couple of weeks is that in every photo I’m in I look like I suffer from narcolepsy and I’m about to drop to sleep at any point. Feel free to have a good chuckle as the surprising amount of ginger in my mo and remember that its all for a good cause!

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