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Blenderella project Pose Shot

At Long Last…

After working on this project on and off for a few months now I have finally reached a stage at which I am happy to put it down and call it complete. It is certainly by no means perfect but it will stand as an exercise in character modelling. It has certainly helped me learn quite a bit more about Blender and how best to approach my workflow with it in future.

As a technical exercise it has been fun and infuriating at the same time not only with the dramatic increase in render times when SSS is applied with other features such as ambient occlusion. From this though I can safely say I have picked up a few tips and tricks for the next one including how to effectively control mesh density and topology for cleaner models.

Things I have learnt (in no particular order)

  • If you ever think you have planned enough, you probably haven’t
  • Painting directly on to a model is far easier than painting directly on to the UV maps (especially when it comes to seams etc)
  • Blender’s internal texture painting is far from perfect (In a few rage worthy situations where even with 4K texture maps it was pixelating).
  • I get distracted my anything and everything
  • Procrastination is a terrible thing to waste.
  • You can change the texture filter size within blender to render much sharper versions any textures used.
  • An interesting point that was raised to me is the character needs to translate well, if you scale a character down and you cant figure out who/what it is then you need to rethink the design.
  • Don’t be afraid to change the original design if its not working, it’s called progress!

For a complete breakdown of the project, including all the progress renders and the larger version of the final render click here.

Originally I did have a nice 3d interactive turntable view on the post linked just above but unfortunately it looks like the support has stopped for it causing it to crash the page so I have had to remove it. I will see if there are any alternatives in future but there are some lovely .gifs to look at.


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