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Battleblock Theatre on Steam sale!

I think it is fair to say that every one loves a good Steam sale and there have been some very good deals on, one I am particularly impressed with is Battleblock Theatre by The Behemoth. Normally it retails at £10.99 but if you are smart and act now it has been on sale from anything ranging from £0.99 to about £6 depending on when you catch it.

Once the game was started up, you are greeted by a very simple cartoon style to the game and an extremely animated narrator (voiced by Will Stamper). He proceeds to explain how Hatty Hattington and all his friends aboard the S.S. Friendship set  out on their adventures before ending up shipwrecked on a mysterious island ruled by cats. I would go out on a limb here and say Will Stamper was a perfect choice for the narrator as he fits into the entire style of the game very well giving a very cheerful tone to what would otherwise be quite a sad situation for poor old Hatty.

punch cats

The Gameplay

The gameplay itself is actually very simple in design but with the art style and humour added to the game it sets it apart from many others in the same genre. It is in essence a platformer, each level is in a theatre where your character has been captured and made to perform for a group of sentient cats who unfortunately don’t seem overly concerned as to whether you survive or not. In each level you have to run, jump, bounce and beat cats whilst trying to collect enough gems to allow you to pass through the finish in a very comical fashion. In the first chapter I have already encountered a couple of rage inducing levels akin to the frustration caused by other games such as Super Meat Boy! I haven’t even tried any of the multiplayer game modes as of yet but I have seen the ability to throw your crew members from the S.S Friendship under a proverbial bus sounds awesome if not somewhat malevolent (cackles whilst scheming the untimely demise of others)…

battleblock deathtraps


Needless to say, this game is very carefully crafted and very well designed which is great fun and a healthy amount of crazy! if you aren’t convinced, watch the trailer now!!!!

Battleblock Theatre

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