Adventures with Kerbal Space Program

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Introduction to Kerbal Space Program

This is one of those unusual games are quite unique to themselves. Still in beta and from what I understand is a fair way off completion it is a real gem. It is a space simulator where you are tasked with creating a space program for the planet Kerbal. The game is very well thought out in how it handles the physics of space, although it probably isn’t 100% accurate. It is worth noting that they have worked with NASA in designing some of the scenarios you can play about redirecting asteroids etc.
The planet itself is very similar to Earth but the residents of Kerbal are tiny green men hoping to venture out into the stars. I downloaded the demo of this first with seeing it is still in beta but I was impressed enough to pick it up in the Steam summer sale.

The Adventure Begins…

I started off with very few parts to play with but i was enthusiastic that my little green men would walk on the Mun! My first attempt didn’t last long, in fact the rocket was top heavy and after around 4000m’s it decided it liked the planet Kerbal a bit too much forcing an emergency jettison leaving my control pod to float back to earth attached to a very questionable looking parachute. Nevertheless I would not be disheartened and promptly tried again with similar results. After a few attempts of trying to shoot for the Mun i found that not only can you use something called EVA (extra vehicular activity i.e spacewalks etc) but you can send reports from various locations to gain science to further your space programs research.

After a couple of days trying I finally managed to get a craft into a stable orbit so I now have my sights set firmly on the Mun!

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