Adventures in Kerbal Space Program Part 3

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Fly me to the moon

Since my last post on my Kerbal adventures I have started to climb the very steep learning curve that resembles space travel. I eventually managed to design a rocket that was capable of getting into orbit only to run out fuel.
At this point I thought trying to perform a spacewalk and attempting to push my little space craft back within the atmosphere but all I managed to achieve was to run out of fuel and have my astronaut and ship floating seperately around kerbal indefinitely. Unfortunately this wasn’t the only Kerbal who was lost in space during my attempts to get to the Mun!
After a few practice attempts and a number of abandoned launches I managed to create a craft that was capable of getting to the Mun only to find that I didn’t have enough fuel to land safely and lead to the death of my first Kerbonaut.
Again after a few more attempts I managed to get enough fuel to get to the Mun, orbit it and return to Kerbal safely! By the end of the evening I managed to get the trip time down to about ten minutes all without fail.

Cue a few days later

I managed to get a little further in that I finally managed to land two landers somewhat safely on the Mun (although I had enough fuel, the engines on the lander were damaged during the landing). I decided to christen my landing sites with memorial flags and wandered around the surface before realising that I needed to construct an ark to get my little astronauts homes safely.

At Present

Finally I managed to construct my ark and sail to the Mun on my rescue mission and landed the other side of Mun and had to start the Kerbonauts long hike across the surface of the Mun which taken the best part of an evening to complete.
Now at present I have made a mini-rover and a lander to safely get it to the surface of the Mun and Minimus (Kerbal’s smaller satellite) and luckily enough so far, actually managed to return to Kerbal with everything more or less intact! I did have a couple of incidents whilst testing my rover where it rolled over and I didn’t think to put in any way to roll itself back over with. For that reason my Mun Rover Mk1 was nicknamed Senor Tortuga!
The only downside to this so far is I am yet to create a working space plane or even manage to get one off the runway without it flipping and turning into a fiery mess!

Good News and Bad News

The new update was released last night bringing a mission system to the game which is awesome. However I feel obligated to start the game over so I can work through the missions and reputation system properly so if I fail miserably my space program will also be bankrupt! Hurrah!!
…Anyway, I am now signing off to rob banks (which I will probably mention at a later date!)

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