Chris Chaney – About me

Hi, if you hadn’t guessed I am one of many Chris Chaney’s and this is where I find my voice on a variety of things from life in general to all things Geeky…

Not to be confused with;

  • The musician Chris Chaney who is currently with Jane’s addiction
  • The infamous hacker Chris Chaney who hit the headlines a few years back for famously stealing intimate photo’s of Scarlett Johansson among others.
  • I have always been interested in technology from a very young age and it left me with a bit of a knack for computers in general so I ended up becoming an IT technician although my role diversifies more and more as time goes on. Initially I started my training in college back in 2006ish with a BTEC IT Practitioners course although I assumed it would be more technical rather than software based. The following year I decided to undertake the CompTIA A+ Certification and a similar City and Guilds IT Technicians qualification to learn more about IT in general and it’s supporting technologies. Most recently I have been setting up a couple of web servers from scratch which was an interesting challenge but all in all went very well.

    As you will probably guess with me working in IT a lot of my interests are pretty geeky. When I’m not in the office I enjoy spending time with my little family and unfortunately it tends to be “compulsive enjoyment” for anyone I know as my other job is “very proud parent!”. I also have a strong passion for 3d digital art and gaming in general where I can happily lose a few hours in an evening in front of a computer screen, and some of the 3d projects I have created can be found on my Projects page which I try to keep up to date as often as I can. Again on the blog section you will probably notice a fair few are related to gaming. Otherwise my other main passion is music, whenever and wherever I can I love listening to music and recently have formed a bit of an addiction to Spotify!

    In my professional life I work as an IT support techy though I’m involved in more than just fixing computers. Without going into too much detail aside from the usual support stuff I have built, developed several websites and take care of the general running and maintenance of the web servers etc.

    Otherwise you will probably get a good idea as to what I am about and what makes me tick by looking through the rest of the site which when I’m not procrastinating I update on a fairly regular basis about one random thing or another. You can also find me on Twitter for more random musings.

    Thanks for Visiting!